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Black Desert Xbox is a large scaled MMORPG
filled with intense combat, rewarding life skills
and a beautifully detailed open world.

Hello, Final Open Beta Adventurers!

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AND all the Special Offers for the Final Open Beta players.
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  • Giveaway ends February 27 2019 23:59 PST, winners will be notified by email.
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  • All Final Open Beta participants will be awarded with a special title upon the game's official launch.
    Those who hit level 30 during the Beta period will be additionally rewarded with a Calpheon chubby dog.


  • Warrior

    A balanced combatant, the Warrior combines both shield and sword to defeat his enemies.

    Warrior Character image
  • Ranger

    Rangers prefer to stay at range with their bow, but when danger gets close, the Ranger uses her dagger to slice through her foes.

    Ranger Character image
  • Sorceress

    By using dark magic, the Sorceress vanquishes any who stand before her.

    Sorceress Character image
  • Berserker

    Beserker’s dual-wield massive war axes, capable of slicing through even the toughest opponent.

    Berserker Character image
  • Wizard

    The Wizard uses his innate understanding of the elements to burn through even the thickest of hordes.

    Wizard Character image
  • Witch

    Witches master magic at a young age. By utilizing their attunement to
    the elements, they burn, freeze and electrocute their way through those who stand against them.

    Witch Character image